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Stargazing wash bag


Artist Tom Clohosy Cole

A design by Tom Clohosy Cole

We are all made of stars; every atom in our bodies was made from the dust of an exploding star. Bonkers! Also, did you know that the 88 modern constellations depict 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects (including my favourite, Puppis, aka the Poop Deck) and 17 humans or mythological characters. Perhaps the stargazers on this stunning wash bag are having a good long look at Uranus... (sorry!)

Our brand new oilcloth wash bags are printed and sewn in the UK. All Beast In Show wash bags have colour-coordinated zips and include a waterproof inner lining, perfect for if your toothpaste explodes mid-flight!

Material: Oilcloth fabric with 100% polyester lining
Approx dimensions: w26cm x h16cm x d8cm