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Dinosaur gift set


Artist Nicholas John Frith

This mug and tea towel have it all... Sure, you've got your usual suspects, your Stegosaurus, your Diplodocus, and your Pterodactyl, but you've also got a T-Rex subtly chowing down on what looks like it could be an Augustasaurus. Perhaps not one to buy your snooty palaeontologist cousin, but we love a good Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous mash-up!

Warning! An aquatic dino lurks at the bottom of the mug so be prepared for when you've finished those last few dregs of tea...

Save over 15% buying the mug and tea towel together...

Approx dimensions / Material
Tea Towel: w48cm x h76cm / 100% cotton
Mug: d84mm x h90mm / 35cl fine bone china - microwave & dishwasher safe