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Bogart the Bunny (ltd ed 30) art toy


Artist Rob Jones

Did you know that baby rabbits are actually called kits, and not bunnies as you would imagine. Either which way, Bogart isn't really bothered. He's more interested in sitting in a dark room with the curtains closed, endlessly watching re-runs of his favourite sitcoms.

Bogart the Bunny is handmade using 30% wool / 70% polyester felt. He is part of a limited edition of 30. Officially unsuitable for children under 3, which is fine as they would be unlikely to appreciate the quality of his bow tie or his endless discussions about whether or not Seinfeld suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Rob Jones is the genius-creator behind The One and Only Jones, a collection of handmade toys, books and artwork. Graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a first class honours degree in Illustration, Rob's work is enchanting, humorous, and utterly addictive. Enjoy!

Approx dimensions: 57cm x 21cm
Materials: 30% wool / 70% polyester felt