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Food placemats set (x4)


Artist The Printed Peanut

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Food. Just the word itself conjures up pretzels and pies and casseroles and bagels and all manner of baked goods. Face it, we can't live without it so let's celebrate and revel in all its glory, from chips to gingerbread men and pineapple to jelly... Bring. It. On.

This boxed set of 4 placemats feature mouth-watering illustrations by The Printed Peanut (aka Louise Lockhart). Made in the UK, these hard-wearing, cork-backed, melamine placemats (25.5cm diameter) are extremely durable. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees C, they can easily be wiped clean (perfect for if baby-led weaning gets a bit messy or if you're a bit drunk whilst eating spaghetti bolognese)! The only thing we recommend is not to immerse the placemats in water, so that means no dishwashers, ya hear?!