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Desmond Fishman wash bag


Artist John Allison

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A design by John Allison

Desmond Fishman (Des to his friends) is a mer-man (strictly speaking a human-mermaid hybrid), assistant smoothie technician, the 19th Lord of Sunderland, and a semi-major character of John Allison's awesome webcomic Scary Go Round. Des can be seen here prancing around in his finest swimming trunks. We love you Desmond!

Our brand new oilcloth wash bags are printed and sewn in the UK. All Beast In Show wash bags have colour-coordinated zips and include a waterproof inner lining, perfect for if your toothpaste explodes mid-flight!

Material: Oilcloth fabric with 100% polyester lining
Approx dimensions: w26cm x h16cm x d8cm