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Magic Forest cushion


Artist Mark Jessett

There's something utterly entrancing about this cushion. Yes, it will add a sumptuous pop of colour to your settee and yes, it lends a certain sense of style to its surroundings, but that's just not quite it. Magic Forest is mesmerising; half psychedelic Hattifatteners, half Kate Bush's bewitching lyrics transformed into abstract imaginings. Or is it just a cushion? Perhaps we shouldn't have eaten all those mushrooms we found in the magic forest...

Designed by Mark Jessett whose work explores relationships between colour, surface texture, translucency, and opacity. Mark's work is made of bold, simple shapes, underpinned by intricate detail and a distinctive palette.

This beautiful, high-quality cushion is made from lovely half panama cotton with stylish piping.

Envelope fastening (no zips here) / Bright cerise piping / Heavyweight grey cotton backing / Luxury feather or polyester cushion inner

Dimensions: approx 45cm x 45cm