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Witches wash bag


Artist Mark Jessett

A design by Mark Jessett

Fear not... We reckon the witches on this wash bag aren't the Wicked Witch of the West (or East for that matter) variety, but are instead spiritual, nature-worshipping Wiccans (or psychedelic Hattifatteners if you'd rather). There's not a black cat or broomstick in sight!

Designed by Mark Jessett whose work explores relationships between colour, surface texture, translucency, and opacity. Mark's work is made of bold, simple shapes, underpinned by intricate detail and a distinctive palette.

Our brand new oilcloth wash bags are printed and sewn in the UK. All Beast In Show wash bags have colour-coordinated zips and include a waterproof inner lining, perfect for if your toothpaste explodes mid-flight!

Material: Oilcloth fabric with 100% polyester lining
Approx dimensions: w26cm x h16cm x d8cm

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