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Bruno the Brontosaurus (ltd ed 30) art toy


Artist Rob Jones

The Brontosaurus is one of the largest land animals to have ever existed and a little-know fact is that they were also incredibly snappy dressers. Matching their neckties to their pocket handkerchiefs, they roamed Jurassic shopping centres in herds, always on the lookout for colour-coordinated accessories.

Bruno the Brontosaurus is handmade using 30% wool / 70% polyester felt. He is part of a limited edition of 30. Officially unsuitable for children under 3, he is an absolute winner for your dinosaur-loving uncle, aged 47.

Rob Jones is the genius-creator behind The One and Only Jones, a collection of handmade toys, books and artwork. Graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a first class honours degree in Illustration, Rob's work is enchanting, humorous, and utterly addictive. Enjoy!

Approx dimensions: 25cm x 33cm
Materials: 30% wool / 70% polyester felt