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Biiig Cat (ltd ed 10) art toy


Artist Rob Jones

Whoooaa there! "That's a big cat" we hear you cry... Why yes indeedy, that's true. Just 10cm shy of a metre tall, he is very proud of his elevated status, being able to peek over walls and watch gigs without standing on his tiptoes. You won't see him buying platform shoes any time soon though.

Biiig Cat is handmade using 30% wool / 70% polyester felt. He is part of a limited edition of 10. Officially unsuitable for children under 3, he would be happy to sit in the corner of their room until they're a bit older (and taller).

Rob Jones is the genius-creator behind The One and Only Jones, a collection of handmade toys, books and artwork. Graduating from the University of Gloucestershire with a first class honours degree in Illustration, Rob's work is enchanting, humorous, and utterly addictive. Enjoy!

Approx dimensions: 90cm x 32cm
Materials: 30% wool / 70% polyester felt